The NYT reports here that PFC Bradley Manning’s attorney is complaining that his client [thanks JO’C] was forced to return to his cell without clothes and remained in his cell naked for seven hours. Brig officials confirm the story but won’t say why his clothes were withheld. Manning, charged in connection with the Wiki[shhh] publication of classified US military documents and State Dept. cables, has reportedly been on suicide watch for much of his time in the brig.

Not quite court-martial news: The NYT reports here that Pakistan has decided to try, but not yet charge, former US special forces operator and current CIA contractor Raymond Davis in the death of two Pakistanis that the US alleges tried to rob him. The Pakistani court delayed hearings until Mar. 8th to give Davis’ Pakistani lawyers time to present his case on immunity.

11 Responses to “Court-Martial News Round-up”

  1. John O'Connor says:

    They made Manning’s lawyer take off his clothes? That seems to cross the line.

  2. Christopher Mathews says:

    * sigh *

    This really ought to be a simple case. More and more, however, I suspect that it’s not going to be.

  3. Stewie says:

    I understand the need to give the benefit of the doubt to the brig and against Manning for all of these claims raised about abuse…but you know at some point, it starts to get to the level of WTF are you doing brig?

    Naked for 7 hours? Really? You don’t have some sort of hospital gown or other flimsy, can’t hurt himself or others with it alternative, heck a paper gown.

    I mean that’s ridiculous and it’s beginning to seem harder and harder to think there isn’t at least some credence to the claims that Manning is being maltreated.

  4. soonergrunt says:

    What Stewie said.
    This is getting ridiculous.

  5. Bridget Wilson says:

    I won’t even speculate about this situation-but, 2 years ago there was a suicide at the Pendleton Brig -the guy killed himself by stuffing toilet paper down his own throat.

  6. SgtDad says:

    Shortly after separation in 1970, I was working at a hospital. A girl was brought who tried to commit suicide by drinking water — lots of it. She succeeded. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  7. Christopher Mathews says:

    Hush, SgtDad. The next thing you know they’ll be taking away his water, too.

  8. Stewie says:

    The above link is Coombs’ argument for why they took away Manning’s clothes at night, and apparently every night so far since the first.

    If true, then it’s despicable. I got it, Manning is a traitor, scum, piece o’ crap, got it. There are still minimum standards of decency of treatment. There needs to be an investigation and if these allegations are true, heads need to roll.

  9. k fischer says:

    Who is the military judge on the case? I would grant the Article 10 mtd with prejudice so fast, it would make the Government’s head spin.

    Who is the Trial Counsel on this case? That individual should go to the command and request that Manning be released immediately.

  10. Ama Goste says:

    KF, there’s no MJ on the case yet because it hasn’t been referred to trial. In fact, the Article 32 hearing hasn’t even kicked off.

  11. k fischer says:


    The Article 32 hasn’t kicked off, yet?

    Do we know who the military judges are in the jurisdiction where he is being tried?