The Vancouver Sun reports that we might see a change in direction from the White House as early as next week that will open the door to the Military Commissions Convening Authority RADM (ret) Bruce MacDonald referring additional cases to trial. Accused Saudi bomb plotter Almed al-Darbi, alleged Cole bombing ringleader Abdal-Rahim al-Nashiri, and suspected Afghan bomb-hider Obaidullah are viewed as among the most likely candidates for the next round of commissions, which are rumored to include up to 5 dozen accuseds. (My guess is that the actual number tried will be far less than this, based on conversations with those who’ve reviewed the evidence against the detainees.)

As I vividly recall the solicitations for uniformed defense counsel in the spring of 2003 because “the military commissions were kicking off in earnest very soon,” please pardon my skeptical opinion of this latest announcement. We’ll have to wait and see.

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