I was listening to LTG (Ret) Jack Rives, the current Executive Director of the American Bar Association, talk today about ABA membership and was floored to learn that, in addition to free membership for judge advocates admitted to the bar for less than 5 years, current judge advocates in any grade can join the ABA for as little as $70. While I can’t guarantee that rate if you tried to sign up on your own, each JAG Corps’ front office likely has a point of contact that should be able to get you a substantially reduced rate. What other organization the size of the ABA can you join for $70, or nothing at all?

[Disclaimer: I am a Committee officer in the ABA Section of Public Contract Law]

One Response to “General Rives: New Low Price for Judge Advocate ABA Membership”

  1. Michael Keyes says:

    AARP, but I am sure you meant Professional Organization. :grin: