You don’t often see these types of cases in the Air Force, but Holloman AFB (New Mexico) SrA Phillip Warren has been found guilty of premeditated attempted murder, absence without leave, wrongful appropriation of a vehicle and assault resulting in grievous bodily injury. The charges stemmed from Warren’s stabbing a female airman in the neck before he took her vehicle and fled to Texas. The court-martial sentenced Warren to a dishonorable discharge, 22 years in confinement, total forfeitures, and reduction in rank (presumably to E-1).

News reports state that it’s unknown where Warren will serve his sentence. It’s almost certain he’ll be at Ft. Leavenworth or in the civilian Bureau of Prisons system, given the length of his sentence.

For those who feel a sense of deja vu with this case (maybe it’s not as rare as I thought), you might recall US v. Chapman, in which an airman from Cannon AFB (also in New Mexico) nearly decapitated a female a decade ago. Another airman spent months in pretrial confinement, potentially facing a capital referral, before additional evidence cleared the first airman and implicated Chapman. The unpublished AFCCA opinion is on this page.

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