Tomorrow the American Society of International Law’s Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflicts and the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law are holding an event at WCL to honor the recipients of the first ASIL writing award and to share the expertise of some of the biggest names in the field regarding the Law of Armed Conflict. Panelists include Lieber Society Chair COL (ret) Richard (Dick) Jackson; the founding Chief Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Prof. David Crane; Col (ret) Morris (Moe) Davis, the Executive Director and Counsel for the Crimes of War Project (a former Chief Prosecutor for the military commissions); Mr. Jamie Williamson, the Regional Legal Advisor for the International Committee of the Red Cross; NIMJ’s own Dr. Gary Solis (who literally wrote the book on LOAC); and Jonathan Tracy, who spent 14 months as a JAG in Iraq; and many other experts.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

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