As expected, accused “kill team” member SPC Jeremy Morlock pled guilty at a general court-martial today before a military judge sitting alone. He admitted his guilt of three specifications of murder, and one charge/specification each of conspiracy, obstructing justice and using illegal drugs.

It took me a minute to figure out why the articles on the plea all said this was the first court-martial related to the Stryker Brigade Afghan investigation. Of course, courts-martial have already convicted several unit members (interestingly, all before the same military judge) for lesser crimes related to the investigation, but Morlock is the first to stand trial for any of the murders themselves.

Media outlets report that Morlock reached a pretrial agreement with the general court-martial convening authority that limits his sentence to 24 years in confinement. Given the judge-alone nature of the court-martial, these reports must come from information obtained outside the courtroom, as the military judge won’t know the contents of Appendix A of the agreement until after he adjudges a sentence on his own.

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