Here is a New York Times story reporting that SPC Jeremy Morlock,

signed an agreement in which he [will plead] guilty to three charges of premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, assault and several other charges. Specialist Morlock, the first of the five soldiers to face a court-martial, is scheduled to appear in military court at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, south of Seattle.

SPC Morlock is the only other 5th Stryker Brigade memberThe Ft. Lewis docket, here, has SPC Morlock scheduled for a 0900 “GP/JA” in front of LTC Hawks.  I assume that means guilty plea, judge alone.  The related case of SGT Gibbs and SPC Wagnon have Art. 39(a) sessions scheduled in front of Judge Hawks on April 21 and May 2.  There are probably other related cases on the docket, but none are jumping out at me.

I guess defense counsel got over his shock at the Art. 32 report,  here.  The sentencing should be more than perfunctory if the reported diminished mental capacity defense will be raised.

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