The December 2010 issue of the Army Lawyer is now online here.  Military justice wonks will be interested in Fred Borch’s addendum to last month’s Lore of the Corps sketch about the court-martial of PFC Dale Maple.  The addendum (scroll to the end of this link) discusses PFC Maple’s life (and death) after his court-martial.

Military justice wonks will also be interested in MAJ Derrick W. Grace’s article, Sharpening the Quill and Sword:  Maximizing Experience in Military Justice.  I’ll proably have more to say about MAJ Grace’s interesting article over the weekend.

3 Responses to “December issue of Army Lawyer online”

  1. Mike says:

    Balls on accurate – especially wrt the TC at the brigade. As a JA with about 6 months of experience I was assigned as a TC to a brigade. In my stint as a TC I managed to help a few criminals get acquitted (including a fairly serious assault which still bugs me). Then, right when I was hitting my stride as a litigator (maybe?) we deployed and by the time we got back I was the BJA. Do we even still have a senior TC role in the Army? I have never met anyone who was the STC.

  2. Stewie says:

    As a future COJ I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of making the COJs something more than post-trial managers. I really want to go out and be able to train my trial counsel, but my fear is that with the “Sheet of Shame” making a comeback, that almost all of my time will be making sure post-trial is done correctly and on time.

    We try to do too much with too few. I like the idea of having the Warrant do post-trial, but that’s a pretty big slice of pie to slap onto an already over-filled plate as well.

  3. Jim LaFleur says:

    Aside from the other distinguished comments: I do like what COL(R) Borch has been doing with the Lore of the Corps. There are a lot of great stories out there untold.