New Bern Sun Journal reports that “Col. Christopher Miner has completed his hearing to determine if charges for a general court martial will be brought against Col. Douglas A. Denn, former commander of Cherry Point air station.”  Denn was removed from command after a DUI in October 2010.  The story states that at the Art. 32, “charges initially included dereliction of duty, driving while impaired, conduct unbecoming of an officer, and engaging in conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline. Charges added at the hearing included wrongful use of government resources, apparently related to a laptop computer; making false statements; continued improper relationship with a civilian employee after being warned; and wrongfully attempting to impede justice.

WaPo reports that “The court-martial for Petty Officer 2nd Class Ian Howell, initially scheduled for May, will begin Tuesday at Camp Pendleton on a charge of dereliction of duty, the Coast Guard said Monday. Charges of negligent homicide, assault and negligence with a boat were dropped.” This is another crewman in the CHristmas Boat Parade collision case, see here.

Virginian Pilot reports that the USS GHWB Chief Master-At-Arms “will be court-martialed next week on charges of physically abusing his subordinates.  Senior Chief Petty Officer Kevin M. Curtis faces a general court-martial, the most serious type of military trial. It is scheduled to begin Monday. Cmdr. Doug Barber, the military judge assigned to the case, said during a motions hearing on Monday that by his calculation, Curtis faces a maximum punishment of 57½ years in prison if convicted on all 32 counts.”  Heaven help us, military judge Doug Barber–maybe I am just getting old.

LA Times reports that “A military judge said Monday the faces of two slain Fort Stewart soldiers must be cropped from autopsy photos before the images can be used in the court-martial of . . . Army [Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich] charged with killing them while deployed to Iraq.  The ruling came as the judge heard last-minute motions before attorneys begin picking a jury to hear the Army’s case against of Minneapolis, who could face the death penalty if convicted of murder in the September 2008 slayings.”

Another murder case involving a US soldier killing another US soldier from the Third Infantry Division, see WSAV reporting from Fort Stewart.  Report states, “Specialist Neftaly Platero is charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder for an incident in Iraq this past September. Platero allegedly killed fellow Third ID Soldiers … Private First Class Gebrah Noonan and Specialist John Carrillo following an argument.  An Art. 32 hearing was held last week in the case.

6 Responses to “Court Martial News Roundup”

  1. Charles Gittins says:

    Mike . . .

    I am with you. . . Heaven help us . . Doug Barber, Military Judge. Good post.

  2. soonergrunt says:

    Is there something special about CDR Barber?

    And is a military judge referred to by his or her rank or title? Is he Commander Barber, or Judge Barber?

  3. Mike No Man Navarre says:

    I served with [CDR Barber] and think [CDR Barber] is a good man and would have a fine judicial temperament. My comment was an attempt at humor that I think his Honor would take in stride. And yes SG, it would be CDR Barber or Judge Barber when in his courtroom.

  4. soonergrunt says:

    Thanks, No Man.

  5. Christopher Mathews says:

    Technically, the Curtis case comes from the USS GHWB. Although there may someday be a movement to name a carrier for his son, that mission hasn’t yet been accomplished.

  6. Mike No Man Navarre says:

    JMTG–Good point. I made the correction above. Was typing a little too quickly. Sad that the only non-sea service regular contributor to this thing picked that up.