The court-martial for PO2 Ian Howell, the most senior accused in the case involving the death of an 8-year-old boy after a collision between a Coast Guard vessel and the boy’s family boat, begins today.  The convening authority recently dropped the serious charges (including for negligently causing the death of the child) against Howell, so now he faces only a dereliction of duty charge.  The punishments for the others Coast Guard members are included in the article.

I happened on this earlier version of the charge sheet for Howell’s case and found it an interesting read as a military justice “junkie.”  For those like me who have read Article 110 a million times but had never seen “improper hazarding of a vehicle” charged before, Howell’s charge sheet provides as example.  I also found interesting the number of assault specifications charged, but the charge that really intrigued me was that the charge pertaining to the boy’s death wasn’t under Article 118 or 119.  It was charged as an Article 134 offense.

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