We’ve been following the back-and-forth in the Gaskins case, concerning how the loss of a defense exhibit and its resulting unavailabililty during Article 66 review should be remedied.  As we noted here, Army DAD filed a petition for extraordinary relief seeking to block the new sentencing hearing that ACCA ordered as a remedy during its most recent review of the case.  And as we noted here, on 31 March, CAAF stayed any rehearing on sentence in the case.  Now today’s Daily Journal update informs us that yesterday CAAF ordered the respondents to show cause no later than 9 May why the requested relief shouldn’t be granted.

3 Responses to “CAAF issues show cause order in Gaskins”

  1. Snuffy says:

    Will be interesting to see if the government can come up with anything they haven’t already said two or three times in the course of their travails. I bet not. Any takers?

  2. Bill C says:

    You know where my money lies. But of course I am slighly biased.

  3. Ama Goste says:

    BC, despite your bias, I believe your $ is well placed this time.