The Tacoma News-Tribune, here, reports, here, on the SPC Michael Wagnon Art. 32 hearing. The hearing included some blistering cross examination of a key government witness in all of the 5th Stryker Brigade trials, SPC Jeremy Morlock. My favorite quote came from Morlock’s squad leader, as reported by the TN-T, “Staff Sgt. Kris Sprague, a squad leader, said he initially stood up for Morlock but eventually concluded that what he told people was “60 percent truth, 40 percent (expletive).” Additional report, here, from the Tacoma News-Tribune on the pre-trial confinement hearings for various of the accuseds that have resulted in 2 being released pending trial.

The Chinese immigrant who set up a phony Army Special Forces unit, and made other Chinese immigrants pay to be in the unit in the hope of staying in the US legally, received 3 years prison time for his little ruse. LA Times report hhere. More details in our prior coverage here.

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