The Boston Globe reports, here, that the US has demanded immunity for US servicemembers from prosecution in Iraqi courts as a condition of any agreement to keep troops in Iraq past the end of the year.

SPC Adam Winfield, of 5th Stryker Brigade “fame,” has apparently reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. Winfield sort of blew the whistle on the alleged plot to kill Afghan civilians in conversations with his father, but his father was never able to convince investigators to look into the incidents. According to this report he will be in court Friday, Aug. 5 for the plea. Winfield’s plea and cooperartion would shore up the government’s case against other member’s of the 5th Stryker Brigade accused in the killing of at least two Afghans. The government’s case has taken some hits recently as their primary witness, SPC Jeremy Morlock, has come under fire in other Art. 32s and trials. See coverage here. [UPDATE]  The Tacoma News-Tribune reports, here, that “Sources close to the case told The News Tribune that he won’t serve more than eight years, and the most serious charge will be reduced from murder to manslaughter.”  The JBLM Docket, here, doesn’t list SPC Winfield for Friday, his trial date is still on the docket.  But here’s a run down of the 5th Stryker Bridgade cases on the docket:

  • SSGT Gibbs:  Sep. 7 (Art. 39a) and Oct. 21-28 trial in front of LTC Hawks.
  • PFC Homes:  Sep 19-23 trial in front of LTC Hawks.
  • SPC Wagnon is listed as trial date TBD.
  • Also, notable, the SPC Aaron Rentfrow court-martial is scheduled for Aug. 22-26 in front of LTC Bridges at Ft. Wainwright.  Prior coverage here.

The Jacksonville Daily News reports that the former MCAS Cherry Point, CO “was sentenced at a court-martial Friday on reduced charges stemming from his arrest last October in Newport, [NC] for driving while impaired. [Col. Denn], was fined $10,000 and given a 60-day deferred and suspended sentence and an official reprimand.” Story here.

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