Here is a story from the AP/Houston Chronicle describing security at Ft. Hood, which seems irrelevant since his attack was planned for an off-base restaurant. Anyway, the article mentions PFC Abdo will be in federal court today in Waco. No additional details.

San Diego Union-Tribune has an interesting piece on the Hutchins and Wuterich cases. I can’t say I have the same level of empathy for the Marines the article exudes, but these cases are a poor example of military justice addressing G.O. and D. Justice delayed in these cases seems to fail to address that core issue.

One Response to “Military Justice News for Aug 4, 2011”

  1. GRH says:

    “Marine Maj. Babu Kaza, Hutchins’ lawyer, said the Navy Department’s ruling “sends a message to every Marine on the ground right now in Afghanistan that their actions in combat will not be evaluated by a fair and objective system of justice, but by a system which can be controlled and exploited to advance a political agenda.” A political agenda? Which one would that be? I guess Kaza hasn’t been paying attention to the majority of other cases that have resulted in full acquittals; see e.g., Nazario in federal court and Ryan Weemer. And I seriously doubt the “Marines on the ground” have the time to be reading up about Hutchins.