Here is a story from NavyTimes that flew under the radar (at least the CAAFlog radar):

The former executive officer of a Mayport, Fla.-based destroyer was sentenced during a general court-martial Thursday to a year in military confinement and given a punitive letter of reprimand, the Navy announced Friday.

Lt. Cmdr. Charles Perry, who was assigned to the destroyer Roosevelt, was convicted in Mayport by a panel of fellow officers on charges of wrongful sexual contact, assault consummated by battery and conduct unbecoming an officer, said Lt. Cmdr. Bill Urban, spokesman for Naval Surface Force Atlantic in Norfolk, Va.

The panel did not recommend dismissal for Perry, who has 28 years’ service, Urban said. Perry’s retirement grade and the characterization of any future dismissal will be determined by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, Urban said.

What the heck is going on down there in Mayport, this makes the second Mayport based XO to get slammed with sexual assault charges?  Prior coverage of USS GETTYSBURG XO’s NJP here.

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