The Virginian-Pilot’s continuing coverage of CAPT Owen Honors’ show cause for retention Board of Inquiry highlights testimony from various officers in support of the former CO and Big E XO, article here. Government counsel, XO of RLSO Norfolk CDR Mike Luken, called no witnesses. But I’d say the final paragraph of the article shows the government presented a credible case. The story reports that as the panel “wrapped up his questioning of Honors, Rear Adm. Brian C. Prindle said, ‘I never heard you say unequivocally, ‘I was wrong.'”

Marine Corps Times reports, here, that several Marines are facing court-martial or NJP in the suicide of a Marine after an alleged hazing incident in Afghanistan.

Continuing SPC Aaron Rentfrow court-martial coverage, here, from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  The story connects the dots on the panel size and non-capital nature of the case, yesterday’s slip here.

2 Responses to “Military Justice News for Aug. 24, 2011”

  1. Maybe, Maybe Not says:

    I wonder if Col Jessup ordered the Code Red?

  2. Some Army Guy says:

    Does anyone have any insight into the Carl Bjork case?

    EVERGREEN – An Army Captain from Evergreen, who was accused of killing two Iraqi civilians, has been cleared of any charges placed against him.

    Captain Carl Bjork was found guilty of negligent homicide in May 2010. On Sunday, his father Peter Bjork received a letter from the United States Military saying the charges had been dropped due to an error in the case.

    “We just received word that the Judge Advocate General of the Army, LTG Dana K. Chipman, with the approval of the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff GEN Martin E. Dempsey, has set aside the homicide related charges against Carl, and without ordering a new trial, has dismissed those charges,” Peter Bjork said.