Last week, in a letter that Behenna wrote to his supporters, he criticized the “unchecked and ‘under the table’ injustice that runs rampant in our military justice system.”

Behenna’s full letter can be read here on a website created by his parents and dedicated to his defense.

One Response to “Behenna Publicly Criticizes the Military Justice System”

  1. Again says:

    Doesn’t sound like the words and heart of a murderer. Sounds like a born leader! There are a lot of loose ends in this trial process that justify another trial. To name just one, the contrived and and manufactured testimony of the Prosecutions chief witness, the Lt.’s SGT, written by the Prosecution itself without the SGT ever reading it. A thorough review of his court testimony would turn the stomach of any justice minded American Citizen. Even the Prosecution referenced his repeated and documented (Art. 32) penchant for not telling the truth. If Americans saw what went on in this case, they would be outraged!