Following yesterday’s destruction at the Blazier Trailer Park, which was even more widespread than we first appreciated, a tornado hit the Fosler Trailer Park today.  At least 10 Air Force trailers were carried away today.  We’re still awaiting the storm damage assessment from the other services’ areas of the park.

A typical order read: 

On further consideration of the granted issue, 70 M.J. 221 (C.A.A.F. 2011), it is, by the Court, this 21st day of September, 2011,


That the decision of the United States Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals is hereby vacated. The record of trial is returned to the Judge Advocate General of the Air Force for remand to that court for consideration of the granted issue in light of United States v. Fosler, 70 M.J. 225 (C.A.A.F. 2011).

Chief Judge Effron and Judge Baker separately dissented, citing their dissents from Fosler.

5 Responses to “Tornado obliterates Fosler Trailer Park”

  1. WhiskeyTango says:

    Hey, how bout layin off the trailer park referrals??? Some of us ain’t as fortunate to be born with a silver spoon up our sixth point of contact.

  2. soonergrunt says:

    Well, some might suggest that these tornado/trailer park references are stereotyping us Okies. While I acknowledge that some stereotypes are true for a reason, I gotta tell you all that if you start making jokes about missing teeth and cousin-spouses, I’m leaving! Just because it’s true, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t hurt.

  3. Christopher Mathews says:

    Personally, I’d be happy with just dropping the snarky remarks about tornadoes.

    They suck.

  4. soonergrunt says:

    Not gonna do it. Not gonna…
    Aw hell, I’d hate myself later if I let the easy one go past–
    Actually, They blow.

  5. WhiskeyTango says:

    Ya’ll keep it up!!! Carma is gonna kick your preppy arses one day! And yes, I did marry my sister, but we ain’t related by blood.