CAAFlog turns 5 today.  And now that we, like No Man’s son who was born within days of starting this endeavor, are the intellectual equivalent of a Kindergartner, we think we can now relive some of our greatest hits.  So, as a present to you the CAAFlog commentariat, below we give you what we consider our Top Posts of all time. 

Happy Birthday, CAAFlog.

The Supremes dis the military justice system.  No other post could top this because no other post has landed us on the front page of the New York Times, resulted in an invitation for re-briefing of a SCOTUS case, or drawn a supplemental SCOTUS opinion.

And the rest of our favorites in no particular order.  We’ll see if we can come up with a voting system to rank the others, but for now they are just for your reading pleasure.

  • A Glimpse at a Congolese Capital Court-Martial.    This features reporting from our fearless leader’s trip to the Congo with DILS and pictures from a Congolese capital court-martial.
  • New NMCCA Chief Judge.   And some posts are actually all about the comments.  This posts featuring a comment from Chief Judge Wagner (or at least a commenter identified as the Chief Judge) may have been one of the first times that we realized that anyone other than ourselves was reading the blog.
  •  Top 10 military justice stories of 2008 — #10: The Army’s adoption of military justice additional skills identifiers.  Pretty bland, but again its another first of our annual review of the top military justice stories of the year as voted on by us.  Number one wasn’t bad that year, The Legal Aftermath of Haditha.
  •  Court Martial News – Monday, now Tuesday, Roundup.  Serendipity made this a regular feature on CAAFlog.  First, No Man was out of town on vacation in Disney and had to collect MilJus stories in a news roundup due to lack of bandwidth.  Then CAAFlog is nominated for the 2008 ABA Blawg awards, based on the strength of our #1 favorite post.  And then, lo’ and behold, the ABA Blawg staff likes the roundup.  Voila, the Courts-Martial News roundup–now the Military Justice News roundup. 
  • Leonard Perhaps The Most Important Decision of the CAAF This Century.  Some posts we just like because they remind us of days gone by, characters from the past, and entertaining posts.  Guert, where art thou?
  • Rep. Burton Letter #2 in the SEAL Case – Fact or Fiction.  Some of us liked this one.  It falls into the rants category that we created after complaints that posts weren’t distinguishing between substance and rants.  Some of our other infamous rants can be found here (on NMCCA Courtrooms) and here (on CCAs generally).
  • ABA Museum of Law – We Tour It So You Don’t Have To.  We all seemed particularly proud of our rants.  This post takes the ABA Museum to task for various inaccuracies and bad museum-ship.
  • Confronting Confrontation in Cabrerra-Fratinni.  I make no comments because the appellant was my former client.  Others among the contributor roll liked this post.
  • New Designation.  Awards and Honorary Titles are now a staple here.  This one honored then Judge, now Contributor, Air Force colonel Christopher Mathews the status of Judge Mathews the Greatest (JMTGst).  We’ve bestowed “The Great” status to other military jurists, here, and will find other titles for the deserving MilJus practitioner.
  • Golden CAAF II.  Perhaps our greatest award is the Golden CAAF–mainly because Marcus Fulton actually went out and purchased a likeness of a “Golden CAAF” in the form of a trophy.  In this post the “Golden CAAF II” is pictured in the Suez Canal.  Golden CAAF I was replaced by GC2 after GC1 was awarded to Code 46, here, for obtaining certiorari in Denedo v. US
  • Thinking about House, Denedo, and review of subjurisdictional contested convictions.  In one of a number of our fearless leader’s “Thinking About . . . .” posts, others here and here, he takes on the uncommon combination of military justice SCOTUS case and the sub-jurisdictional court-martial.  Bold.  Plus, its about a MilJus SCOTUS case, how often will that happen?
  • United States v. Lane. Gotta be big, it was the first.  Needless to say, though it dealt with one of the most significant cases of the 2006 term, Lane has since been cited in exactly 1 CCA case and 3 CAAF opinions (if you count the denial of reconsideration in the same case).
  • Breaking News:  Contractor Charged Under UCMJ.  While not quite like our #1 story, our sources did give us quite a scoop in the first Art. 2(a)(10), UCMJ court-martial of a civilian. [someday we’ll have to go back and fix all of those broken GoogleApps links] 
  • Synopsis of Wednesday’s McCabe Proceedings.  This was CAAFlog’s first on-site reporting of a court-martial.  A feat that we thought could not be topped.  The controversial courts-martial of three Navy SEALs for allegedly assaulting terrorist leader Ahmed Hashim Abed while in US custody also provided great blog fodder.
  • United States v Lakin Liveblog V.   But we did top it, liveblogging from the LTC Lakin spectacle.  We could have picked any of our LTC Lakin trial posts, but this one garnered a staggering 249 comments.  Others didn’t do bad with 100 or so comments, here and here.   
  • CAAFlog and NIMJ Blog join forces.  Our recent collaboration makes the list because it ensures our continued existence and will bring new perspectives and surely lots of comments with it.

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday to Us . . . .”

  1. Dew_Process says:

    “Thanks for the memories,” No Man!!! Good collection!

  2. RY says:

    I was not reading CAAFLOG back when No Man drafted his well written analysis of Leonard. Looking back now, it is amazing to see how CAAF has essentially reversed course on most of the areas of concern No Man identified, from LIOs, to the maximum sentence for Cl 1 and 2, and so on. It’s almost as if the CAAF judges were reading this blog and agreed something had to be done. Alas, it took a couple of years but…

  3. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:


    Sorry, that was the ignominious Guert Gansevoort that drafted the Leonard post. Many people listened to Guert, few to the No Man.

  4. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    You’re only two days younger than Carpe Diem.

  5. Some Army Guy says:

  6. Rob M says:

    Those hundred-plus comment Lakin posts remind me of the halcyon days when we were invaded by pseudonymous self-made experts in the arcana of Constitutional eligibility and Hawiian recordkeeping laws.

  7. John Baker says:

    Writing simply to say thanks. CAAFLog is often my first stop of the day and where I go when I know a new opinion is out or a new article published. I know my counsel also read CAAFlog on a regular basis and find it to be a valuable addition to the military justice community.

  8. Ama Goste says:

    Enjoy kindergarten, guys! Thanks for all your hard work over the years.