Co-authored by Mike “No Man” Navarre

The court-martial of Mid 3rd Class Patrick Edmond began yesterday at the Washington Navy Yard.  Today’s Annapolis Capital report, here, includes testimony from the accused and a defense expert.  Edmond, who is also a sprinter on the Academy’s track team, is accused of rape involving another Mid.  The Capital reports that, “Attorneys are expected to make their closing arguments Wednesday.”

The court-martial of PFC Carl T. Stovall III began yesterday as well, see KCEN-TV report, here.  Stovall is accused of shooting and killing a contractor on the US base in Taji, Iraq where Stovall was stationed in 2009. The first day included extensive testimony about Stovall”a mental condition including a stay at the US mental hospital penitentiary in Georgia while awaiting trial.  Three, separate 706 Boards evaluated Stovall’s competence to stand trial. Among the indicia of his craziness cited in the story was his belief that he had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

The ABA Journal has this piece about a court in Minn. that permitted a divorce plaintiff to serve her defendant husband who had repeatedly returned to Africa via general service “by email, ‘Facebook, Myspace or any other social networking site.'” Something for military legal assistance practitioners to think about. I can’t see the practice taking hold in military justice, though it may be something for TC’s to discuss with the CA/IO in seeking to serve invitational travel orders.

5 Responses to “Military Justice News, Sep. 28, 2011”

  1. Cheap Seats says:

    MIDN Edmond was convicted, sentencing is ongoing:

  2. Silence Dogood says:

    NCIS not owning up to its interrogation scare tactics while on the stand? Never.

    Based solely on the article, and not in any way on knowledge of the facts of the case, it looks like this Mid’s life was destroyed because the government met its new “scintilla of evidence” standard in sexual assault cases.

    Members continue to believe us simply because we are women, and we continue to position ourselves to reap what we sow when the rape law reform pendulum swings back against us. For the moment, though, I guess our sexual assault re-education efforts continue to payoff. CAs, keep those member pools coming! After all, who cares about the innocent, so long as we get all of the guilty?

    No doubt this putative victim has a bright future ahead of her both on the USNA brigade staff (If there is any irony in this world, then perhaps as the Honor Chair.) and in our Navy or Marine Corps. When she puts on her first star, I wonder if she will ever think back on how she began her career by gleefully sending the unfortunate soul known as her ex-boyfriend to the brig.

    If she is truly a victim, then I am glad justice was served. If this was just another one of those new-age “Navy rapes,” then add her to the long list of those of us who set back the feminist movement by demanding to be treated equally because we are female yet differently because we are women.


  3. Cheap Seats says:

    SD – “Based solely on the article, and not in any way on knowledge of the facts of the case” … sums it all up. The rest would be…dicta.

  4. Cheap Seats says:

    MIDN Edmond got 6 mos. and a dismissal:

  5. Christopher Mathews says:


    Members continue to believe us simply because we are women …

    In this case, the members’ decision was probably eased somewhat by the fact that the accused demonstrably lied, more than once, in order to save his own skin.