The DoD recently launched a new Military Commissions website, complete with news, updates, status information on various trials, and copies of court filings from each case. It can be viewed here.

According to RCFP, journalists are cautiously optimistic about the value of this website in terms of the extent to which controversial documents will be made available.

In other Guantanamo news, the arraignment of al-Nashiri, who is allegedly responsible for the 2000 bombing of a port in Yemen, will take place “within 30 days” according to a statement by the DoD. CNN reports that al-Nashiri will be facing a capital military commission – a decision that al-Nashiri’s defense lawyers criticized in light of the fact that the commissions are not “constitutionally adequate” in the first place.

The DoD’s news release can be viewed here.

One Response to “Face-Lift for the Military Commissions as Cases Move Forward”

  1. Dew_Process says:

    “The Emperor has new clothes!”

    When they appoint civilian “Learned Counsel,” you can pretty much guarantee that they’re seeking the DP, otherwise, why spend the cash? See:

    But, for anyone who has done any capital litigation from the defense side of the aisle, 200 hours is a drop in the bucket for the time required.