Here is an interesting piece from North County Times about the lawsuit involving Carolyn Martin.

Government admissions in the civil rights trial of a Southern California woman suing the Naval Criminal Investigative Service for harassment have sparked questions over whether the law enforcement agency overstepped its authority and engaged in domestic spying.

CAAFlog has posted and commented on this case previously.

8 Responses to “The Martin litigation”

  1. Weirick says:

    Where are we on those criminal charges against Martin?

  2. Cheap Seats says:

    “Where are we on those criminal charges against Martin?”

    Which one?

  3. Weirick says:

    Are there any criminal charges?

  4. k fischer says:

    Kaffee:  “Did you say ‘criminal’ charges?”

    Weirick R. Jessup:  “Are there any other kind?”

  5. Tami says:

    Kaffee:  “What crime did she commit?  She helped an accused get acquitted.”

    Kendrick:  “She disobeyed an order.”

    Kaffee:  “So because she made a decision about the welfare of a Marine that conflicted with your order, she was punished?”

    Kendrick:  “She disobeyed an order!”

    Kaffee:  “But it wasn’t a real order, was it?  After all, it’s peace time.  Surely an investigator of her intelligence could distinguish between important orders and those that might be morally questionable?”

  6. Maybe, Maybe Not says:

    Again, Where are we on the charges against Martin?    Including any and all that might have been levied against her by the military/government.  Have they been dropped?

  7. k fischer says:

    Perhaps someone may enlighten us on the nature of the charges.  Obstruction? Impersonating a federal agent?  Conspiracy to make the Government look like they are railroading a Marine with false allegations of sexual assault?

  8. Atticus says:

    I have always said they overreacted at MCRD.  the best practice was to just wait until trial and then bring out the fact that the “investigator” was not licensed, when pressed would pull out a business card stating to be a member of some investigative association of which he/she was theonly member, and just take him/her down the path of their ham-fisted efforts and tactics.  That was enough to flush them.