SCOTUSBlog has put up the courts argument schedule for February and March 2012.  There are a couple of cases that may have military practice interest.  But first, a quote from Kent Scheidegger at crimeandconsequences.

In his general orders of 1782, General George Washington authorized several military decorations to recognize "unusual gallantry" and other outstanding achievements.  He further provided, "Should any who are not entitled to the honors, have the insolence to assume the badges of them, they shall be severely punished."

On General Washington’s 280th birthday, the Supreme Court will hear argument on whether a modern version of the latter provision is constitutional in United States v.Alvarez, No. 11-210.

Mr. Scheidegger has filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Legion of Valor of the United States.

Wed., Feb. 22:

11-210 — U.S. v. Alvarez – constitutionality of Stolen Valor Act’s criminalization of false claims of receiving a military medal or decoration

11-1320 — Blueford v. Arkansasdefinition of acquittal, barring retrial of a capital case, after the jury deadlocks on some counts but acquits on murder count in the guilt phase

Mon., March 19:

11-94 — Southern Union Co. v. U.S. — constitutionality of criminal fines not based upon facts found by a jury beyond a reasonable doubt

Wed., March 21:

11-199 — V asquez v. U.S. — scope of harmless error when a defense lawyer’s improper comment about his client’s gjilt is heard by the jury

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