The Supreme Court granted certiorari in a case involving a drug detection dog.

Florida v. Jardines (docket 11-564).

Lyle Denniston of SCOTUSBlog comments here.

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  1. Christian Deichert says:

    Sir, would it be possible to use the full links rather than

    The government net nanny blocks all links from loading and lists them all as being on the “black hole” list.  Happens every single time.  Normally I don’t click on your links for this reason, but now and again I don’t notice your name on the post, and I know my name is going on some IT guy’s naughty list. 

    From other comments in the past, I believe this is true for most if not all government users.  This is a military justice blog, most MJ practitioners are government attorneys, and presumably a good number read it at work, which means we either don’t read your links or have to search out the original link ourselves. 

    So: could you please quit using

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  2. Phil Cave says:

    I can go back to 19th century technology, no problem.  Thanks for the pointer.  :-)

  3. Bill C says:

    Gads, Cave. You are such a techno snob.  :)

  4. Zachary Spilman says:

    Phil Cave… the Gutenberg of our blog. Who woulda thunk it?

    If only I were better with photoshop…