Here is the San Diego Union-Tribune coverage of yesterday’s SSgt Frank Wuterich court-martial hearing.  Yesterday’s testimony included that of Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz, who was then a corporal and admitted urinating on some of the Iraqis killed in Haditha.  Dela Cruz testified that when he jumped off a truck in Haditha with Wuterich:

[H]e saw a group of Iraqi men standing in front of a white car parked on the road. A couple had their hands up in the air or locked behind their heads . . . Then one dropped to the ground.

Wuterich had taken a knee and was pointing his gun at the men, Dela Cruz said. He assumed his squad leader had seen something threatening and was shooting, so Dela Cruz opened fire.

Wuterich . . . has said the Iraqi men started to run and he thought they might have triggered the bomb.

. . . .

Dela Cruz’s credibility as a witness was impaired by his admission that he lied in his initial sworn statements to naval investigators in Iraq. According to him, he conspired with Wuterich to cover up what happened.

“Sgt. Wuterich approached me and told me if anyone asked that they were running away and the Iraqi Army shot them — those five individuals near the white car,” Dela Cruz said. (Wuterich and his lawyers deny that and say he has always been truthful.)

More later today.

One Response to “Wuterich Update for Jan. 12, 2012”

  1. Cap'n Crunch says:

    Not a great day for SSG Wuterich, however… it doesn’t seem to me that Dela Cruz is the most… honest witness.  The urinating thing… feels like deja vu… Ohh… wait…. nevermind.  It is never a good day when a former squad mate sticks the knife in your chest, irrespective of his credibility or what pressure the government puts on these folks.  Will be interesting to see what other evidence comes up.

    It doesn’t feel, smell, or resemble My Lai.  Wuterich wouldn’t be the only one left if that were the case — everyone would be on the hook.  That fact alone has me rooting for the SSG.  I sure hope his attorneys picked a good panel.