Here is te LA times update of our post from yesterday, here, about the video that may get Marines in some stinking hot water as they are shown in the video apparently urinating on the corpses of dead Taliban fighters.  The LA Times reports that “Lieutenant General Thomas Waldhauser, commanding general of Marine Forces Central Command and the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, will direct the investigation and determine whether criminal charges should be levied or administration punishment meted out.”

10 Responses to “MARFOR CENTCOM Commander to Lead Investigation into Video of Marines Urinating on Afghan Corpses”

  1. Betty Ann Prewitt says:

    Please have compassion for these warrior soldiers serving our country.  I certainly don’t condone this incident, but the first person I thought of  was Daniel Pearl.  That incident was truly horrific and should serve as a reminder of the enemy and new type of war we are fighting.  If that video is all there is to the story, then  these young men need training and a second chance.  And thanks to them and their families for their work and stress.   I am family member of military retiree and we know to appreciate  young warriors.   Please don’t be politically correct and swayed by all the media outrage.   

  2. Cap'n Crunch says:

    No, what those young men need is a OTH or BCD discharge.  Guess what, those young men represent the United States Marine Corps.  And irrespective of anything else, urinating on a corpse violates the finest traditions of that esteemed assembly.  It also, incidently, irritates the local populace and quite probably causes the enemy to retaliate, killing other servicemembers.  It is, at a minimum, service discrediting and prejudicial to good order and discipline.

  3. stewie says:

    So now it’s politically correct to be against urinating on human corpses??
    Stuff like that makes me want to say, ok, you know what…I’m out.
    Ma’am, with all the respect I can muster, your position is…untenable.

  4. Who's your daddy says:

    Actually, she has a point.  Sure they should and will be held accountable.  For sure, the act violated the LOAC and brought discredit to their fellow Marines, the USMC, and the nation.  That said, i’m not ready to jump to OTH/BCD and/or criminal prosecution and/or jail without more.  Also, i don’t know their ranks, but i’d sure treat the NCO in charge more harshly than the LCPL.  I’d like to know their records as well.

    Without the cameras this was a break down in discipline and small unit leadership.  Without the cameras and the corresponding damage to national security this would be NJP material (loss of rank and pay for everyone plus extra duties; and maybe Adsep for NCO in charge).  Not sure yet what it should amount to with the cameras.

    As to Ms. Prewitt’s point, i agree.  That is, let’s everyone slow down before we equate this isolated incident to Abu Ghraib.  Not even close MSM.  Also, let’s remember to keep even these Marines in our prayers.  War can and does mess with your head when you bear witness to the depravity associated with carrying out its ends.  It is not easy business to actually kill human beings no matter how much you hate the enemy.  It is not easy to account for their remains.  It is not easy to see your friend die, or to lose a limb.  These are not excuses and 99.99% of Marines are able to carry out these acts while maintaining the discipline and esprit de corps that has made us the greatest most moral fighting force this world has ever known.  We will take care of all of our Marines to include these young men, who have gone in harms way, and now can and should be held accountable for their misdeeds.   

    God bless and Semper Fi! 

  5. Christopher Mathews says:

    WYD, would you agree that servicemembers who cannot be relied upon to control their behavior after the battle is won and the enemy is dead may not be the most reliable people to have in the foxhole next to you when the bullets are still flying?

  6. stewie says:

    I hadn’t seen Abu Gharib mentioned til you just did it. But yes, desecrating a corpse is going to anger folks quite a bit. You don’t think we would be steaming mad if our enemies showed video of them peeing on an American Marine?? I’d be hopping mad and so would you.
    Without the cameras this would be UCMJ? Yeah, can’t agree in the slightest. I don’t think they need to languish in jail but they lost the right, if this is true (and video usually doesn’t lie), to continue to call themselves a United States Marine.
    Let’s put it in terms you can’t possibly disagree with, they jeopardized the mission which is to win the hearts and minds of the local populace, stabilize the region, and defeat the enemy. There could be Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, or Marines six months from now who are injured or worse because of this very act. That ain’t hyperbole either.
    that kind of juvenile selfishness can’t be rewarded with continued service.

  7. Who's your daddy says:

    Christopher & Stewie:

    First of all, I did not defend their behavior.  It would be easier for you if i did, but I didn’t.

    I mentioned Abu Ghraib b/c nearly all the MSM stories bring it up (will this be the next Abu Ghraib).  It isn’t.  I did not say it wasn’t serious and I did say the filming of it had national security implications.  The AG fiasco lasted for months and implicated SNCOs in direct supervision and senior officers who failed miserably.  It also called into question (though not related) the entire interrogation issues.  

    My point is that we need more information before we decide on an outcome and that individualized punishment is always appropriate.  And my main point is that war can make you very very sick.  Maybe they shouldn’t be in the foxhole — maybe this is their second/third/fourth tour and for these particular Marines they reached their breaking point.  Maybe it is their first tour and they (or one of them) is a dirt bag and has been in trouble six times before.  Either way, they didn’t wake-up one day and decide to piss on some corpses.  At one point in time I believe they were highly trained and highly disciplined Marines.  

    Another unrelated point is WTF is up with whomever decided to release this tape?  If anybody sold this tape for profit – or bought it — they should be shot for treason.  I’m ready to jump to judgment on those facts. 

  8. Christopher Mathews says:

    WYD — why do you think it “would be easier” if you defended their behavior?

  9. stewie says:

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the word defend at all, but yes you are defending their behavior, or should I say, minimizing and making excuses. So you agree that it’s serious, has national security implications, but place more importance on going after those who released it (probably the same folks who shot it) then the actual act?
    I have no idea if they started off a bit twisted (not everyone we recruit is a winner) or sadly got that way through war, but while we can pity them, and certainly we can endeavor to make sure they get the necessary treatment to help them, it doesn’t mean it’s a slap on the wrist A15 either for what they are alleged to have done. And if it turns out that the video has been faked or made up, or it wasn’t really corpses, then I hope they are acquitted/exonerated.
    Peeing on corpses calls into question our entire mission in Afghanistan in the minds of the very people we are trying to win over. Very religious people yes? Probably have pretty big concerns about treatment of the body after death, just like most humans, just like us.

  10. Charles Gittins says:

    Does anyone see the perversity of appointing the CA for these guys at the time as the Investigator?  Please, please tell me that the CENTCOM CG is not going to be the IO.  HIS leadership may be in issue; as may be his attention to promulgation of appropriate orders etc.  It is just amazing how the G would go and create stupid issues.  Perhaps the DoD would have been better served by appointing a Navy Officer who commands a fleet.  At least the investigation would not be fertile ground for allegations that the CG was trying to save his own career.