Interesting summary dispo from CAAF:

U.S. v. Miranda . . . we note that the convening authority approved the sentence, which included a bad-conduct discharge, and then stated, “In accordance with the UCMJ, Rules for Courts-Martial, applicable regulations, and this action, the sentence is ordered executed.” Under Article 71(c)(1), UCMJ, a punitive discharge cannot be ordered executed until, after the completion of direct appellate review, there is a final judgment as to the legality of the proceedings. Thus, to the extent that the convening authority’s action purported to execute the bad-conduct discharge, it was a nullity. To avoid any error in this regard, we again suggest that the model “Forms for Action” in Manual for Courts-Martial, United States app. 16 at A16-1 – A16-6 (2008 ed.) be revised. See United States v. Politte, 63 M.J. 24, 26 n.11 (C.A.A.F. 2006).

We’ve discussed this before here.  CAAF can’t let go of this.  Maybe the Code Committee has a little work?

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