Here is a link to the letter from the Georgia Secretary of State to the CINC’s campaign attorney.   The attorney for the Obama campaign, Michael Jablonski, has apaprently withdrawn from the proceedings after sending the CINC’s birth certificate to Mr. Kemp, but Mr. Kemp is pushing forward with Ga.’s hearing on the CINC’s ability to be on the Ga. ballot.  The AJC reports on the hearing, here:

After hearing evidence with neither President Barack Obama nor his lawyers in attendance, a state administrative law judge on Thursday did not issue a ruling as to whether Obama can be allowed on the state ballot in November.

Lawyers for area residents mounting “birther” challenges told Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi that Obama should be found in contempt of court for not appearing when under subpoena to do so. But Malihi did not indicate he would recommend that and cut off one lawyer when he criticized Obama for not attending the hearing.

“It shows not just a contempt for this court, but contempt for the judicial branch,” lawyer Van Irion told Malihi.

And now, to wrap things up, the “Orly Taitz Delusional Quote of the Day” courtesy of the Orange County Weekly, here, ” Does this look like a behavior of an innocent person? An innocent person would have come to court and showed all the valid documents with the embossed seals, which are verifiable. Instead he is acting like a 5-year-old brat, saying ‘I am afraid of Orly, ‘I want the secretary of state of GA to act like my mommy and protect me from Orly.’ Some leader of a free world . . .”   Let’s see, SEAL Team 6 or GA SOS, I think the CINC’s picked the right protectors of the free world.  There is no such thing as too much birthers.

5 Responses to “Non-Military Justice Post: More Birther Magic”

  1. Bill C says:

    As a conservative, and as a Georgian, I am ashamed. 

  2. stewie says:

    I’ll be honest…

    I’m a little afraid of Orly. I’d hate to see that in a dark alley at 2am.

  3. interested onlooker says:

    I’ll be honest… I’m a little afraid of Orly. I’d hate to see that in a dark alley at 2am.
    Let’s be completely honest: you probably don’t want to see her in a well-lit room, either :-) 

  4. stewie says: