Hereis a story from Jacksonville, NC.  Apparently a V-22 squadron operations officer, Maj. Danny Cohlmeyer, down in New River is accused of doing naked fly-bys of local females.  He’s charged in both local court nad a GCM scheduled to start next week. According to the Ft. Campbell docket, here, the trial starts Feb. 6 in front of an all officer panel, preceded by an Art. 39(a) session on Feb. 3rd.

An Air Force Art. 32 hearing is deciding the fate of a cadet charged with rape on USAFA gorunds.  The Colorado Springs Gazette reports, here:

Thomas, Colangelo, Claxton and several other cadets were drinking and partying in Colorado Springs when Thomas said he noticed a woman, a former cadet, was extremely drunk.

None of the cadets knew where she lived, so they brought her back to the dorms, Thomas said. After placing her on a bed, Thomas said he and other cadets left the room.

A few minutes later, Colangelo said he asked Thomas why the door was locked.

Colangelo testified to Lt. Col. Rhonda Bershok — who presided over the hearing — that he and Cadet David Burns banged on the door.

Colangelo said when Claxton opened the door, he and his friends found the woman with her pants unzipped and her shirt pulled up.

Moments later, Claxton punched Burns in the face, yelling “I’m not a rapist. I’m not a rapist,” Thomas said.

The cadets reported the incident to their superiors that night.

The SGT Brent Burke court-martial in the killing of his wife and mother-in-law is scheduled to start next month.  Coverage here from the Bowling Green Daily News.  Our prior coverage of the facts and two prior civilian trials is here and here.

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