After sending a note to the CAAF webmaster about broken links to CAAF opinions caused by the new CAAF website, I received a response (in less than 24 hours).  And the response was a great one.  The technical team for CAAF’s website fixed all of the URLs for CAAF opinions from the old website so that you can click on a link in a pre-New CAAF webpage post and get to the opinion on the New CAAF webpage.  For example, yesterday the links to the US v. Jones and US v. Girouard opinions in this April 2011 post  didn’t work.  But click the links for Jones or Girouard in this post and both work fine, even though the Girouard link is actually a link to the Old CAAF webpage.  BZ CAAF website technical team!

One Response to “CAAF Webmaster BZ!”

  1. One Who Knows says:

    Yes, BZ I suppose, but they certainly make enough (tax) money to fix the website.  ;-)