CAAF published its opinion in United States v. Stewart, No. 11-0440/MC, earlier this week (analysis to follow), in which it ruled:

Under the unique circumstances of this case, we hold that the finding of guilty affirmed by the CCA was impermissibly based on conduct for which the members had found Stewart not guilty. Accordingly, we reverse the decision of the CCA, set aside the findings and the sentence, and dismiss the specification and the charge with prejudice.

McClatchy’s Marisa Taylor provides media coverage in this article.

2 Responses to “CAAF’s opinion in Stewart, and the media response”

  1. Some DC says:

    The government is still considering an appeal on this?  Classic.  Too bad the JAG can’t certify cases to SCOTUS.  

  2. Charles Gittins says:

    5-0 against the Government on a “fact-specific” case?  Not likely that the Supremes would give it a look, much less grant cert.  Stewart is Free!