I am very pleased to announce LexisNexis’s publication of the second edition of Military Justice Cases and Materials by Yale Law School’s Gene Fidell, UC Hastings College of Law’s Beth Hillman and moi.  Eugene R. Fidell, Elizabeth L. Hillman & Dwight H. Sullivan, Military Justice Cases and Materials (2d ed 2012).

3 Responses to “Military justice casebook — 2d edition”

  1. Marine JAG says:

    Will this manual be free?

  2. Ama Goste says:

    Since it’s a Lexis publication, my guess is “no.”  However, if you’re an adjunct professor and are considering using this in your class, you can obtain a free copy from Lexis.

  3. Bridget Wilson says:

    The first edition of this book came out in the middle of the semester I was teaching at a local law school. I was not able to assign it for the class, but I was able to use it as a reference. It is not a practice manual, but this oriented to law schools. Lexis says it is available in a loose leaf version-which I will probably buy -a much more practical way of publishing law books. Doesn’t appear available for my Kindle yet. The first edition had just enough US military law and procedure and also some fascinating historical and international materials. Congratulations to Dwight, Beth and Gene for moving this forward. In the past, law school mil law course at my alma mater, USD, used Prof Schlueter’s book, which is a better practice manual than law school text. This is a law school text and a research tool (as well as fun for all you mil law geeks).