Anyone know the Court’s policy on operations and filings during this year’s AT/FP exercise?  Bethesda told me don’t come anywhere near the place on Mar 22nd and 23rd, unless absolutely necessary.

4 Responses to “N-M Ct Crim App Solid Curtain Citadel Shield 2012 Hours”

  1. Paul LeBlanc says:

    Anything that is due at NMCCA on Thursday and Friday of this week has moved to Monday.  Most, if not all of the personnel at NAMARA (I can only speak for App Def) will be working from home or on leave.  I will remain at Code 45 to defend the physical security and integrity of the appellate process.  I am constructing a bunker from records of trial that have NOCARs.  

  2. Ary Dib Dias says:

    The Solid Curtain goes until 25th, and not 23th.

  3. Phil Cave says:

    Are we in Kansas yet?

  4. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Thanks ADD, I just don;t think Sat-Sun issues will effect the Court since they have the next day is weekend = Monday rule.