Here’s a link to a front page article from today’s San Diego Union-Tribune.

5 Responses to “Ad sep proceedings initiated against Marine host of Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page”

  1. Christopher Mathews says:

    Meh.  Lakin gets better scores on degree of difficulty alone.

  2. Phil Cave says:
  3. Bridget Wilson says:

    He may be thinking of competing with Lakin. He was flapping his jaw to the media all over the 11 pm news here in SD.

  4. Soonergrunt says:

    @Christopher Mathews–WINNING!
    @Phil Cave–Please don’t besmirch one of the great cartoon heroes of my younger days be associating him with this individual.  Nevertheless, I do see a resemblance in IQ level.

  5. Christopher Mathews says:

    Just for fun, I paid a visit to SGT Stein’s Facebook page, and found that it features (and has received numerous comments about) a picture of the President with the word “DICK” underneath it in capital letters; another picture of the President with the words “jackass number one” beneath it; a picture of Congressman Ron Paul photoshopped onto a picture of a man in a straight jacket; and a variety of other images and text that would make really good prosecution exhibits, were his convening authority so inclined.

    I may have to reconsider his scores.  Sure, the compulsory routines aren’t as tough as Lakin’s, but he’s added a lot of optionals.