Media thrist for all things related to SSGT Bales’ alleged murder of 17 Afghan civilians is insatiable.  Here are a few:

  • Family’s financial condition here (Tacoma News-Tribune)
  • Review of chain of command regarding why SSGT Bales was allegedly able leave base twice to commit the crimes here (AP via FoxNews)
  • Clarifying one of the victims was not an unborn fetus, which would be permitted under Art. 118, here (MSNBC)
  • More on the identity, or lack thereof, of the 17th victim here (CNN)
  •  Matt Lauer’s interview of SSGT Bales’ wife on the Today Show is available after the break, here:

2 Responses to “Collection of Continuing SSGT Bales Case Coverage”

  1. Atticus says:

    A good article from the Kansas City Star on the Bales case and many other military war crime cases over the years.

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Atticus– That is a nice piece.  Thansk for sharing.  No Man