Bales Case – More on SSGT Bales and his family’s financial troubles, here (Seattle Times).  Maybe a theme at trial could be to blame the financial crisis?

Russell Fragging Case – SSGT John Russell court-martial continues to be bogged down in mental health of the accused issues.  This AP (via Yahoo News, here) report says that his lawyers have recently asked the military judge to order additional psychiatric care for the accused.  It also notes that, “A military judge recommended that Russell not face the death penalty for the charges. A final determination is pending with Army authorities [presumably the convening authority] at Lewis-McChord.”  Prior coverage of SSGT Russell’s charges in the shooting deaths of 5 US soldiers and a Navy officer here and here.

USS NEW YORK – This is just a feel good story from the Virginian-Pilot (here):

A Navy warship built with steel salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade Center left Norfolk on Tuesday on its maiden overseas deployment.

. . . .

Cmdr. Will Herrmann, commanding officer of the New York, is a native of Long Island – and nephew of a New York City firefighter. He said the ship represents everything the nation has overcome since the 9/11 attacks. Its bow incorporates more than 7 tons of steel taken from the rubble of the twin towers.

Tea Party Marine Ad Sep – Sgt. Gary Stein, the Marine political activist we discussed here, faces an ad sep board this Saturday morning, says the  San Diego Union Tribune, here.  Prior coverage of Stein’s Tea Party/Anti-Pres. Obama Facebook page here.

USS COLE Bomber Commission Hearing – Miami Herald coverage here of the upcoming testimony in the COLE bomber military commission hearing, which will likely be closed.  Carol Rosenburg reports that:

Defense lawyers write in a motion unsealed Monday that they’ll call Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, 47, as a witness to describe the trauma of his CIA interrogations in their bid to win a court order that he be unshackled during prison camp meetings with his attorneys.

. . . .

Declassified abuse investigations show that, while Nashiri was shackled, CIA agents waterboarded him, racked a semi-automatic handgun near his head and used a power drill to frighten him in 2002 and 2003.

I-Law Geek Corner – And speaking of secrecy, this from the head of NSA and CYBERWAR Commander, from the Washington Post, here:

Cyberattacks on enemy computer systems should require presidential authority — and not be launched at the discretion of individual military commanders — the nation’s top cyberwarrior told Congress on Tuesday.

I-law geeks feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the comments about jus ad bellum, orange juice, and who’s got the juice.  The MilJus geeks will leave you alone.

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