The administrative separation board for Marine Sergeant Gary Stein, the host of the Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page, who lost his collateral challenge to the board proceedings, concluded after a 13-hour hearing on Thursday. The board found the basis was met, and recommended separation with a characterization of other than honorable, according to news reports.

Other reports indicate that the Marine Corps is now seeking additional guidance from the DoD regarding appropriate use of social media:

Marine Corps officials are seeking additional guidance from the Pentagon regarding service members’ use of social media amid discharge proceedings against a Camp Pendleton sergeant who criticized President Barack Obama on Facebook.

Joe Kasper, spokesman for Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter, said Friday that Hunter’s office was notified of the plans in a letter from a Marine Corps major general.

2 Responses to “Board recommends separation for “Tea Party” Marine”

  1. Reality Check says:

    Stein’s civilian attorney of Birther fame Gary Kreep was on the Andrea King Blog Talk Radio program last night. Kreep made a lot of serious charges about the conduct  of the separation board hearing that was held last week. I would be interested in comments from the military folks at CAAFLOG. Here is a link tot he program:
    Kreep’s interview runs from around 17:30 to 58:30.

  2. Brian Bouffard says:

    If the DOD directive is sufficiently clear to justify this Marine’s separation, why should any further guidance from higher be necessary?  If further guidance from higher IS necessary, isn’t that a pretty solid indication that the DOD directive was not sufficiently clear?  Especially to an E-5?