By my calculations, tomorrow is the filing deadline in two cases we’ve been following.  If military death row inmate Master Sergreant Timothy Hennis (Ret.)  wishes to seek Supreme Court reviwe of the Fourth Circuit’s denial of habeas relief, tomorrow is the deadline for his cert petition.  Hennis v. Hemlick,  666 F.3d 270 (4th Cir. 2012).  And if the United States wishes to seek the Fourth Cricuit’s review of Judge Trenga’s decision prohibiting prosecution in U.S. district court for a Marine who was subjected to NJP for the same offense, tomorrow is the deadline for noticing the appeal. United States v. Crank, No. 1:11-cr-222 (AJT) (E.D. Va. March 16, 2012).

Also this week, SCOTUSblog tells us Supreme Court opinions are expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. Williams v. Illinois, No. 10-8505, is the fourth oldest undecided case, having been argued on 6 December.  It carries the potential to further develop the Confrontation Clause law governing admissibility of drug testing reports in courts-martial.

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