Here’s an article from yesterday’s Washington Post about Judge Reggie Walton’s practice of allowing jurors to propose questions for witnesses. The article includes this survey of the legal landscape:

In federal court, judges have the authority to allow jurors to query witnesses, though the practice remains uncommon. In recent years, the procedure has gained traction in academic circles and has been occurring with more frequency in state courts, legal experts say.

Hhhmmm.  What justice system with extensive experience allowing lay factfinders to propose questions for witnesses isn’t covered by that summary?

2 Responses to “WaPo article on jurors being allowed to ask questions at Roger Clemens trial”

  1. Zachary Spilman says:

    Hhhmmm.  What justice system…

    Is it really fair to expect that the Washington Post editorial board considers the military justice system to be an actual justice system? After all, they probably don’t consider military music to be actual music…

    But it’s not as bad as the Supreme Court making a similar error.

  2. Who's your daddy says:

    or this blog to be an actual blog :)