Last month, Charlie Gittins made this cryptic reference to retirement in a comment on this blog:  “As I retire from military justice I will continue to watch the site to follow the exploits of  my friends and peers.”  Today, his retirement from military justice was big news.

Several alert readers called our attention to this article by Andrew Tilghman posted on both the Army Times and Navy Times websites today.

The article quotes this explanation for Charlie’s transition from fierce military justice litigator to in-house corporate counsel:  “The loss at trial of the Stewart case (which I never should have lost but for the sex assault BS going on in DoD), righted by [the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces], made me decide to get out of the business.”  We previously discussed the Stewart case here, complete with comments from not only Charlie but also Capt Stewart himself.

I wish Charlie — my Naval Justice School classmate — the best as he moves on to the next phase of his legal career.

3 Responses to “Charlie Gittins retires from military justice — with a splash”

  1. Bridget Wilson says:

    Mr. Gittens fierce advocacy for his clients will be missed-although I understand the desire to retire. One of a kind. Best wishes.

  2. Don Rehkopf says:

    Charlie, as the commercial goes, “we’ll keep the light on for you!”  Injustice to you is like anti-matter to a physicist.  In any event, thanks for your contributions over the years and best wishes in your new legal adventures.

  3. Capt N.S. Stewart, USMC says:

    Semper fi and blue skies, Charlie.  See you at the drop zone, my friend.