The Williams watch resumes tomorrow at 1000.

SCOTUSblog tells us, “On Tuesday we expect orders from the May 24 Conference and one or more opinions in argued cases.”

Williams v. Illinois, No. 10-8505, is the second oldest undecided case of the term, having been argued on 6 December 2011.  (The oldest undecided case of the term is First American Financial Corp. v. Edwards, No. 10-708, which was orally argued on 28 November.  The issue in First American Financial is, “Whether a private purchaser of real estate settlement services has standing to sue under Article III, § 2 of the United States Constitution.”)

The issue in Williams is: “Whether a state rule of evidence allowing an expert witness to testify about the results of DNA testing performed by non-testifying analysts violates the Confrontation Clause, when the defendant has no opportunity to confront the actual analysts.”

SCOTUS heard oral arguments in 69 cases this term.  So far, it’s decided 51 of those cases.

If you obsess over Williams as much as I do, you’ll be following SCOTUSblog’s live blogging of orders and opinions tomorrow at 1000 EDT.

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