I don’t know whether Vanilla Ice ever had a second hit.  But CAAFlog now has a sequel to our earlier Spice, Spice Baby post.

As the Air Force TJAG’s blog noted last week, on 24 May 2012, the Senate passed a bill containing the “Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012.”  S. 3187, §§ 1151-54.  It adds “cannabimimetic agents” to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.  The phrase “cannabimimetic agents” is defined as “any substance that is a cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1 receptor) agonist as demonstrated by binding studies and functional assays” that fall within any of certain specified structural classes. It also adds Mephedrone and MDPV to Schedule I, as well as certain other chemical substances that I don’t recognize.

If the bill becomes law, it would have an immediate effect on military justice practice because Article 112a covers, in addition to other substances, anything “listed in schedules I through V of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act.”  Art. 112a(b)(3), UCMJ, 10 U.S.C. § 912a(b)(3).

In December, the House of Representatives passed a freestanding “Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2011,” H.R. 1254, though that bill isn’t identical to Subtitle D of S. 3187.  So further action will be required by at least one House of Congress before the legislation can be presented to the President.

7 Responses to “Spice, Spice Baby II”

  1. stewie says:

    No. No, he did not.

  2. Peanut Gallery says:

    I’m not so sure he had a first hit.  He stole the melody for Ice Ice Baby from Queen.  Then again, maybe Mr. Van Winkle was “under pressure.”

  3. stewie says:

    in fairness, most hip-hop artists of that time sampled hooks/melodies from early music, so it’s not like he was doing anything different.

    Still…Vanilla Ice…’nuff said.

    Elvis had nothing to worry about.

  4. McLovin' says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you’ve all apparently forgotten “Play That Funky Music,” which can be seen in all of its glory here:

     (and which resulted in a $500k copyright infringement settlement against Vanilla).  But even if the merits of lyrics like “I’m back and I’m ringin’ the bell / A rockin’ on the mike while the fly girls yell” can be debated, it is well settled that Cool As Ice is THE single greatest movie ever about a misunderstood rapper whose bullet bike breaks down in a sleepy Midwestern town just long enough for our protagonist to fall in love with a winsome honor student whose family is in the Witness Relocation Program.  As amazing as this may seem, lines like “Yo, drop the zero and git wit da hero!” and “Looky looky looky in Kat’s black book-y” somehow did not score an Oscar for Mr. Ice.  But the biggest travesty is that so many people apparently have forgotten the breakdancing/fight scene where Vanilla and his crew fend off both the country bumpkins upset with Vanilla’s suggestive dance moves AND the corrupt cops trying to kill Kat’s father.  It’s a shame, a damned shame.  Or as Vanilla Ice might say, “Yo, that’s whack!”

  5. TLR says:

    Queen??? Wasn’t the song from David “ziggy, the man who fell to earth, stardust” Bowie. 

  6. stewie says:

    Research shows it did peak at number four on the US Billboard chart, so I stand corrected. TWO hits.

  7. John Harwood says:

    The hook that Ice sampled was “Under Pressure,” a joint op by Queen and David Bowie.