For the next three weeks we have the pleasure of hosting Chris Kennebeck (Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, but contributing entirely in his personal capacity, of course). LTC Kennebeck is currently assigned as the Policy Branch Chief, Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Army. Among his many duties, he also serves as the Executive Secretary of the Joint Service Committee on Military Justice, where he helps to draft and edit proposed amendments to the UCMJ, changes to the Rules for Courts-Martial and Military Rules of Evidence, and updates to the Manual for Courts-Martial.

We sought out his expertise in order to gain a better understanding of the Joint Service Committee (JSC). Over the course of three weekly articles, he will inform us of the purpose and function of the JSC, and answer your questions. His topics will include:

  1. The composition/role/function of the JSC; how the MCM is updated, how the Discussion and Analysis are developed, and how the MCM is printed.
  2. How Executive Orders are drafted, staffed, published in the Federal Register, subject to public comment, reviewed by Executive Agencies, and ultimately signed by POTUS.
  3. The role of DoD/OGC, Non-DoD Executive Agencies, and Congress in the process (in particular, UCMJ amendments).

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