Can anyone tell me why the Bio of Army TJAG, LTG Dana K. Chipman is behind an AKO firewall?

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  1. andrewdb says:

    Probably for the same reason all those NGB and other regulations, you know the ones with force of law, are behind a CAC log-in.

  2. Doug says:

    AKO recently started to secure items to only CAC card (active duty,etc) holders.  One of those pages was GOMORRGOMO (. General officer management office) where all GO bios could be seen.  Only GOs that are retired can access that site without a CAC card. 

  3. Doug says:

    Damn autocorrect.  I meant GOMO.  

  4. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Okay, maybe I should have been clearer. Are there any GOOD reasons his bio is behind a firewall? Particularly when I can get it at other .mil websites.

  5. Soonergrunt says:

    Are there any GOOD reasons

    No.  That is all.
    They put so much stuff behind AKO and then they block NG/AR Soldiers from accessing it (unless you have a CAC reader and you know your way around certificates and so forth) that it’s almost impossible to do the job when on drill status.

  6. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Making this even funnier.  I can get the bio of the entire CrimLaw Dept at the Army JAG School without a JAGCNET login here
    and LTG Chipman’s bio from the Air Force here  But I need a login to get his bio on . . . his webpage.