So reports WaPo here.

3 Responses to “No court-martial recommended for those involved in Koran burning”

  1. k fischer says:

    If there was no malice or criminal intent involved with the destruction of the Korans, then why are these Servicemembers having adverse administrative actions taken against them?  Ridiculous……..

  2. Just Sayin' says:

    k, they are taking “administrative action” because it got bad publicity and therefore, regardless of justice or fairness, or “there but for the grace of god this could have happened to anyone” *someone* has to pay to show how very seriously the military takes [insert outrage of the day here].  This is new?

  3. Weirick says:

    Administrative action could be a NPLOC.  For example: Be more atentive to your duties when desposing of contraband and ensure religious items are disposed of properly . . .
    That does not seem ridiculous.