ACCA Denies Wiki[shhhh] Appeal for Access [UPDATED] Here is AP via the WaPo coverage of ACCA’s denial of the CCR/Julian Assange request for access to records in the PFC Bradley Manning court-martial. The Center and Assange, the Wiki[shhhh] founder, appealed Judge Lind’s denial of access to the government’s evidence in the case. An appeal to CAAF is apparently in the works.  Here is a copy of the Army Court’s opinion, that is not yet available on the website–and I just noticed that the briefs are also included in the PDF file that I linked to [which wasn’t apparent when linking it from my mobile device].

Aussies to Get New Courts-Martial System From the Sydney Morning-Herald (here), the Aussie Attorney General introduced new legislation yesterday to reconstitute Australia’s military justice system after the Australian supreme court found the old system unconstitutional. Prior coverage of the Lane v. Morrison case that took down the system here and earlier changes in the system hereHere is a link to the Australian AG’s press release and the legislation, here.

Former AFA Cadet Convicted on Two Charges in Sexual Assault Case. Here is the local report. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, one of the specs involved the former Cadet taking advantage of a fellow Cadet passed out in a dorm room and being subdued by his classmates.

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