Here’s an unpublished AFCCA opinion by Judge Roan the Great applying United States v. Humphries, 71 M.J. 209 (C.A.A.F. 2012), to two contested Article 134 specifications and reversing the convictions.  United States v. Bazar, No. ACM 37548 (A.F. Ct. Crim. App. June 29, 2012).

One Response to “Unpublished AFCCA decision granting relief on Humphries grounds”

  1. Anonymous Air Force Senior Defense Counsel with the initials NM says:

    When did the Honorable Judge Roan earn the title, “the Great”?  I’m guessing it was when he found a way to reference “Boone’s Farm” in a written opinion.  I also noticed he is now a senior judge. 

    This seems to be another well written opinion, but I’m curious as to how far this will go.  At one point, Judge Roan remarks that the record is unclear as to which terminal element the govt was prosecuting under (conduct prejudicial or service discrediting).  After Jones, then Fosler, and now Humphries, Should defense counsels now be raising duplicity where govt charges conduct prejudicial OR service discrediting???