On Sunday I learned about two great opportunities for lawyers with a desire to help servicemembers. 

First, here is a link to the ABA’s Operation Stand By.  Operation Stand-By is a place for attorneys to help judge advocates:

Attorneys can register to join Operation Stand-By to volunteer time to receive calls or emails from military attorneys in need of attorney-to-attorney advice on state-specific legal information relating to your legal area of expertise, so they can further assist their servicemember clients.

Second, here is a link to the ABA’s Military Pro Bono Project.  The Pro Bono Project tells attorneys how they can help military families:

Attorneys can register to be contacted by the ABA Military Pro Bono Project with opportunities to provide pro bono assistance on behalf of military families when cases arise in your geographic and substantive area. Sign up for our weekly Case Opportunities listserv to stay up-to-date on the latest pro bono opportunities through the Project.

Both sound like great opportunities and Operation Stand By sounds like a great resource for judge advocates.  Thanks to Mary Meixner, the Project Director, for bringing it to our attention.

2 Responses to “Pro Bono Military Assistance Opportunities”

  1. an AF JAG says:

    As a current, installation-level JAG, I turn to the Operation Stand-By list frequently.  It really is a tremendous resource and, though our clients never interact with the attorneys directly, I can tell you that they truly appreciate the help.

    The Pro Bono Project is probably underutilized by military attorneys, which is a shame because I’ve seen some really great results for clients who desperately needed legal representation that we couldn’t provide and they had no means to pay for it.

    If you have the capacity to volunteer, please do.  Deserving clients around the world rely upon it (albeit indirectly).

  2. AF JAG 2 says:

    I’ll second my brethren.  These are both great programs, especially the greener or more proactive a JAG is in trying to get a lay of the local land.