By my count, AFCCA has now decided 8 Blazier/Sweeney trailers, granting relief in 4 and denying relief in the other 4.  Included in the latter category is Blazier itself, decided today (link here).

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  1. Ama Goste says:

    USAF vasic training group commander relieved over Lackland sex assault cases

  2. Ama Goste says:


  3. WWJD says:

    COLONEL ERIC AXELBANK, the 37th Wing Commander came in on June 2011, the SAME TIME as Col. Glenn Palmer.  Prior to this assignment Col. Palmer was the 720th STS Commander at Hurlburt (as evident by his HALO Jump Wings).

    Now he is removing him because of a “lost of confidence”.  Call me crazy, but the events leading to these scandals started before these men got to base or around the same time.
    I see that Col. Hardrath is the new Commander or interm.  Awesome.  I see by this Christmas video sitting on Santa’s lap the confidence that Axelbank is looking for:
    I think she was the former commander of clothes and textiles.
    The Air Force makes me LoL.  They really do.  I love the CYA mentality.  Any credibility concerning the handling of sex scandals went out with the Fiscus Fiasco.

  4. Dew_Process says:

    I’m glad someone else recalls the Fiscus Fiasco.  But, it’s always the same.  Find a suitably “ranked” scapegoat and pretend you’ve addressed the problem, never mind that the Commander was in all probability following the SJA’s advice, and hope that Merlin the Magician makes the problem go away.

  5. soonergrunt says:

    The Fiscus Fiasco?

  6. Phil Cave says:

    I’m not a fan of Wikipedia for reliable information, but for gossip here goes:  

    Of course the Fiscus piece links to this piece: so you can see where the public gets the idea that the Air Force on high may be part of the problem.  Others, wonder how these generals get NJP and the Airmen get court-martial.

    And the Fiscus piece also links to this:

  7. soonergrunt says:

    I remember the Murphy scandal.  I was working for an AF agency on Tinker AFB at the time, and it was all over the AF Times.  I was just like “holy shit.  Why isn’t this guy in a GCM for fraud or something?”

  8. WWJD says:

    Yes, but he wasn’t really sentenced although retirement at the grade of 1st Lt. was more than the two-level bust that Fiscus got.  He was soon seen trolling the Gulf Coast with women half his age.
    Fiscus is noteworthy because he approved, to my recollection, the court-martial of Lt.Col. Tew who was driven to suicide after being dismissed and given 30 days for a relationship with an E-7.

  9. soonergrunt says:

    I’ll rephrase–why wasn’t he charged with fraud–specifically knowingly accepting pay for duty performance in an MOS (AFSC?) for which he was not qualified?

  10. WWJD says:

    Under AFI 99-1234 he was not charged because he is was flag officer and the old adage of “different spanks for different ranks”.

  11. Ama Goste says:

    Murphy was an O-6, not a flag officer, although his deficiencies were discovered as Congress vetted him upon his O-7 nomination.

    Murphy received “no punishment” because the White House Military Office wouldn’t turn over any of Murphy’s records, causing the Army’s (yes, you read that right) Chief Trial Judge to determine Murphy could put on an adequate “Good Airman” Defense, yet finding that Murphy’s rights to put on a full sentencing case were infringed.

    For the record, Fiscus deserved a GCM.