More summer doldrums…

This week at SCOTUS: The Solicitor General waived the right to respond to the cert petition in Hatley v. United States, No. 12-187. The petition was added to the September 24 conference. The other active military cert petitions are Fry v. United States, No. 11-1395, which is pending a response from the Solicitor General (due September 12), and Stanley v. United States, No. 11-1500, which is pending conference on September 24.

This week at CAAF: CAAF is in its summer recess and is not scheduled to hear oral arguments until October.

This week at the ACCA: The next scheduled oral argument at the Army CCA is on September 7, 2012.

This week at the AFCCA: The next scheduled oral argument at the Air Force CCA is on October 11, 2012.

This week at the CGCCA: The Coast Guard Trial Docket shows no pending cases at the Coast Guard CCA.

This week at the NMCCA: The next scheduled oral argument at the Navy-Marine Corps CCA is on August 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “This Week in Military Justice – 19 August 2012”

  1. soonergrunt says:

    With respect to Hatley v. United States, I thought that Hatley didn’t have an avenue to appeal to SCOTUS because CAAF declined to hear his appeal.
    Can you file an appeal that you cannot legally make and it will just be ignored, or is there some grounds for appeal to SCOTUS that doesn’t involve CAAF in this case?
    Thanks in advance for helping the slow child.

  2. JB says:

    the army appealed easton (double jeopardy) to scotus on the 9th. the sg waived their response today.